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Adhesives for structural applications must produce joints whose strength and durability ensure that the bond remains in the assigned service class for the entire expected life of the structure. XILOBOND T fulfills the requirements for adhesives of Type I according to EN 15425:2008.
  • EN 302-1 bond strength in longitudinal tensile shear strength (for thin joints of 0.1mm and thick joints of 0.5 mm)

  • EN 302-2 resistance to delamination

  • EN 302-3 effect of acid damage to wood fibres by temperature and humidity cycling on the transverse tensile strength

  • EN 302-4 effects of wood shrinkage on the shear strength

  • EN 15416-2 static load test of multiple bondline specimens in compression shear

  • EN15416-3 creepdeformationtestatcyclicclimateswithspecimensloadedinbendingshear

  • EN 14080:2013_Annex B2 static load tests with test pieces in cyclic climates

  • EN 15416-5 determination of the conventional pressing time

The one-component polyurethane adhesive XILOBOND T, of Type I according to EN 15245:2008, is suitable for the production of structural manufacts according to EN 14080:2013.